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The Beaches

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Discover the beaches of the Costa Smeralda near the campsite

We are the only camping resort of Emerald Coast. Your stay with us is a great opportunity to visit the area feeling easy and comfortable knowing that your will be at a short driving distance from your room or tent.
Don’r forget our free shuttle service that runs everyday or ask our directions sheet to all beaches if you want to move freely with your car.

Rena Bianca

Beaches in Costa Smeralda

Rena Bianca ( white sand ) is named after its beautiful white sand. It’s the closest beach to the camping, only 5 minutes away by car or shuttle service.

Razza di Juncu

Beaches in Costa Smeralda

Razza di Juncu it’s at a walking distance from Rena Bianca ! The ideal beach for those who are into snorkeling ! Razza di Juncu it’s the only Costa Smeralda’s beach where dogs are welcomed!

Liscia Ruja

Beaches in Costa Smeralda

It was called “Long beach ” in the ’80ies and its easy to see why. At 10 minutes from the camping!


Beaches in Costa Smeralda

One name,3 beaches! Capriccioli’s promontory stretches well into the sea and offers 3 different and beautiful beaches!

Spiaggia del Principe

Beaches in Costa Smeralda

His highenss Karim the Aga Khan fell in love with this enchanting bay,hence the name.


Beaches in Costa Smeralda

When you are at Pevero beach your are in Porto Cervo ! Make the best our of your day at this beach by walking around the little trails that will lead you to other beautiful and secret beaches!