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camping cugnana portorotondo

For a relaxing holiday on the Costa Smeralda

Discover all the activities to do near Camping Cugnana Portorotondo!


Some days you just need to wake up late and spend the rest of the day in total laziness. Relax at our state of the art swimming pool with the convenience of the Poolside Cafe’ nearby, where you can have breakfast, snacks, local beers and all day lunch menu


Stunning beaches that made Costa Smeralda and Sardinia worldwide famous as the ultimate uncontaminated paradise and Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo,the fancy marina villages that look engraved in the island’s granites. Cugnana Portorotondo’s own position on the map will make it easy for you to visit and fall in love with these locations .

Free beach shuttle

Since 1994, our free shuttle service to the beach has heped our guests in experiencing the best beaches of Costa Smeralda and its sourroundings ! 


For over 30 years now, San Pantaleo has become a point of reference to experience, firsthand, what the Costa Smeralda was at its dawn: informal, quiet, and slow paced. The Thursday morning market attracts visitors from all over the island, while in the evening, the dimly lit alleyways hide small handicraft boutique stores and restaurants to suit all tastes.


Enquire at front desk about weekly organic street markets in the area. Fresh vegetables, wine and cheeses all made locally.


Our beach lagoon is a true paradise for your dogs! It’s the only area where they can be unleashed and run free, jump, smell and swim!


Make a point for a day boat tour to Maddalena’s island archipelago. Riviera di Gallura boat started over 30 years ago to introduce visitors to the beautiful archipelago and naturalistic reservoir. Today, their unmatched professionality will make your boat tour a memorable one.


Sardinia’s sea needs no introduction. Our friends at Centro Sub Portorotondo are a team of professionals available for those who are touching scuba gear for the first time or veterans that knows it all but need a guide to discover the amazing crystal clear waters and caves of the underwater scenarios.

AGRITURISMO – Sardinia’s traditional kitchen

Sardinian traditional kitchen’s taste of something that goes back to ancient, deep roots. Close to the campings a lot of old time operating agriturismos will make a mandatory dinner reservation a statement to their food freshness, readily prepared just for you.


Flat any mountain with Mema Bike Tours e-bikes ! And add sea,yoga or local cuisine for that perfect day on the saddle.


Don’t let your fitness go on vacation! Pevero Health Trail it’s a walking and running trail that starts from Romazzino’s bay and unfolds along the Pevero hills, with breathtaking views and rest areas equipped with fitness machines. Facility use is totally free.


Safety of guests and staff has always been our top priority. We operate non stop video surveillance systems and we monitor guests access 24 hours a day. Night time security is always on duty . Given recent market needs, we invest large resources in cleaning and sanitizing all of our facilities. All this because we truly belive a holiday destination must be first and foremost a safe destination.